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Rosemary, or Rosie to her family, friends, and work colleagues is Lead Aesthetician with the Philip Edward Salon and Spa – responsible for aesthetics, and waxing.
A happen chance introduction to Debra-Lee, and her subsequent role with this dynamic Salon and Spa, was not just an opportunity, but rather an alignment of both of their philosophies on beauty. 
With this same vision, Rosie, a qualified esthetician had successfully created, and ran, Piel Skin Boutique since 2010. A dream to be a city girl, eventually resulted in the sale of her ‘baby’ in 2015.
‘My goal with the Philip Edward Salon and Spa, is to bring my expertise within the industry, but also create, and implement new ideas – to bring a simple, pure skin care to the brand’.
Rosie is a proud mother, and resident of Charlestown - Believing that life too should be clean, simple, and pure, she encompasses organic eating, yoga, running, and a healthy outlook to life.

Rosemary Ramos - Aesthetician